Fae Visions of the Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean is a liquid road connecting places and people. Ships, words and stories travel on its waves. Sometimes fantastic creatures, hidden in the hold. The Mediterranean speaks many languages; some of them we don’t recognize anymore. They are ancient, but never really dead. This speculative fiction anthology collects twenty-four pieces of fiction and poetry, new and old, and some things that are in between, because we don’t believe in boundaries. It gathers Mediterranean stories with a horror twist and horror stories with a Mediterranean flavour—caring sea monsters, still dripping and briny; brave mermaids, merciless ghosts and bizarre creatures—in nine different languages and many different styles.

"This slim volume of 24 diverse stories and poems captures the magic and mystery of the Mediterranean … unusual, lyrical collection."
Publishers Weekly

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Fae Visions of the Mediterranean

Authors: Valeria Vitale, Djibril al-Ayad, Maria Grech Ganado, Rhys Hughes, Claude Lalumière, Adam Lowe, Christine Lucas, S. Chakraborty, Jenny Blackford, Vladimira Becić, Mari Ness, Kelda Crich, Álvaro Mielgo Gallego, Lyndsay E. Gilbert, Hella Grichi, Louise Herring-Jones, Simon Kearns, Mattia Ravasi, Angela Rega, Urša Vidic, Dawn Vogel, Arrate Hidalgo, Dunja Ševerdija, Tostoini

ISBN: 0957397585

ISBN 13: 9780957397583

Publication Date: May, 2016

Publisher: Futurefire.net Publishing

Pages: 164

Format: Paperback

3.82 of 11

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